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THSR Operation Management Center

Since its official operation began in January 2007, the Taiwan High Speed Railway has connected the north and south of Taiwan at a temporal velocity of 90 minutes, marking a new chapter in Taiwan's railway technology revolution. It has also successfully established itself as a benchmark for railway and public transportation services. As pioneers in advancing Taiwan's railway technology, we embarked on the journey of preserving and maintaining railway cultural assets with a macroscopic vision in 2003. After more than a decade of refinement and nurturing, we finally found our place on the stage of Taiwan's railway history in 2017 as the "Taiwan High Speed Rail Museum."

Spanning an area of 400 square meters, the "Taiwan High Speed Rail Museum", composed of Hall A and Hall B, is located on the first floor of THSR Taoyuan Station right next to the THSR Operation Management Center. From the history of Taiwan's railways to the birth, construction, operation, and future of THSR, the museum vividly presents various special construction methods of the high speed rail. Among them, the exquisite dynamic railway model of Taiwan's daily life circle, integrated with local culture, allows visitors to leisurely explore Taiwan's tourist attractions. We also have a display-style archive room created using a large photovoltaic glass screen, combined with multimedia touchpoints, where visitors catch a glimpse of the past of the mysterious high speed rail history. In addition, we also have many other enriching exhibition facilities related to high speed rail technology, safety, and human stories, waiting for your visit and exploration.

Today, the "Taiwan High Speed Rail Museum" stands on the stage of THSR corporate culture, witnessing the impact of high speed railway technology on modern civilization. It not only drives the transformation and progress of the homeland, economy, people, and society but also serves the meaningful functions of exhibition, education, exploration, entertainment, and the inheritance of railway cultural assets. As we celebrate our rich heritage, we continue to record history in Taiwan's high speed era.

Logo Concept

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Presentation Style with White Background
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The logo of the 'Taiwan High Speed Rail Museum' draws inspiration from the distinctive visual identity of 'Taiwan High Speed Rail,' with colors extending from the soaring flag. The color palette includes orange, symbolizing a bright and optimistic future, and two varying shades of gray, representing the depth and texture that encompass both cutting-edge technology and a human-centric perspective.

The dual circles within the logo convey our aspiration for Taiwan High Speed Rail to continue its journey through the centuries, transporting the people of Taiwan across the transitions of time while tracing the path of Taiwan's civilization and history.

The nine orange lines within the logo symbolize the high speed rail tracks, which have achieved remarkable success over 9 years. In its 10th year, they have paved the way for the establishment of the High Speed Rail Museum, marking a significant milestone in the preservation of Taiwan's railway cultural heritage.